Scanning Models For Your Needs

We carry a variety of scanning models to bring analog data into the digital world. Whether you want to store your data on microfilm, improve customer handling with check presentment, or make clear copies of bound publications, Metro Imaging Services has the scanning equipment to satisfy your specific requirements. 

Indus 4601-MS Digital Film Scanner


The Indus 4601-MS is an advanced digital scanner that will scan microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, micro opaque cards and jackets. It will also scan COLOR microfilm, 35mm transparencies and positives displaying them on the computer screen instantaneously. The resulting scanned images are sharp and crisp and of the highest quality thanks to the high resolution 10 megapizel color area CCD sensor combined with the highest quality lens and LED illumination.



Minolta PS 3000


Now you can make clear, crisp, non-distorted copies of bound publications, even thick reference books or three dimensional objects, with Minolta's revolutionary PS 3000 Publication Scanner. While most scanners require books to be scanned face down, damaging fragile bindings, the PS 3000 scans them in a face up position, using an adjustable cradle to provide gentle, non-stressful support.  Even rate, fragile and deteriorating books can be scanned easily without damage to the pages or spine.



Minolta PS 7000


The first big advantage of the Minolta PS 7000 is face-up scanning: the ability to  scan valuable books without too much handling.  For large-size books, archival records, artwork, ledgers, legal documents and other bound materials, face-up scanning eliminates the need to turn volumes over in face-down position - offering greater protection to fragile bindings.  With a scanning area of 17" x 23-3/8", the PS 7000 lets you scan even oversized bound volumes with ease.  You'll get clean, crisp images, with up to 600 dpi resolution.  You can output your scanned image direct to PC or printer, and a single button switches your output from PC-connect to direct-print mode.  Scan, save, share, print -- Minolta does it all!



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