Canon Printers and Micro Printers

Canon PC Printer 70

The economical PC 70 not only produces high-quality plain paper prints at low cost, but it also accepts a wide array of accessories that make it as versatile as it is easy to operate.  The Automatic Fiche Carrier lets you call up any selected frame in most fiche formats on its custom position keypad.  Or you can set the controls to automatic browse for searches.  For film, a motorized carrier speeds you through 16mm and 35mm rolls.   In addition, the PC 70 system includes a superb array of Canon lenses ranging from 12X to 90X for ultra fine detail.  So despite its compact size, you have all the tools to handle just about any microfilm format around. 



Canon PC Printer 80

Canon PC Printer 80 is a slim compact unit for 16mm roll/cartridges, fiche/jackets, aperture cards and 35mm rolls.  PC-80's versatility makes it the ideal unit for most offices, libraries, and many other applications.  PC-80's adopts Canon's convenient PC Cartridge System means maintenance is simple, without need for troublesome toner refill, drum cleaning or any other  steps.  An outstanding feature is the newly provided Print-Area-Control function.  With vertical and horizontal knobs, the image area for printing is easily masked on the screen, to produce clean image prints without unwanted dark borders.  The PC Cartridge System also assures high-quality prints.



Canon MP55


Amazingly lightweight and compact, the MP-55 plain-paper reader-printer can be conveniently located to give you personal, desktop capabilities for everyday reading and retrieval of microforms.  Although small, the MP-55 is versatile enough to accept all standard COM document fiche, as well as 16m rollfilms.  Plus, the MP-55 incorporates Canon's world-renowned optics and copying technology, as well as its patented Single Cartridge System.  So you can count on reliable, high-performance operation that's virtually maintenance free.



Canon MP60

Economical to operate and easy to use, the Canon Microprinter 60 is the successor to Canon's popular PC Printer 70, long regarded as the premier choice for COM and Document Fiche applications.  However, with a host of upgraded user benefits, the MP60 sets new performance standards for basic everyday reproduction of microform images.  For examples, the MP60 is made more compact and lightweight through the use of Canon's replaceable MP20 cartridge, an all-in-one system which contains all printing consumables.  So, the system offers virtually maintenance-free operation in a sleek desktop design.  What's more, the MP60 is engineered for economical and efficient operation.   Plus, its faster print speed and increased paper supply make the MP60 the new standard for daily fiche and 16mm rollfilm applications.



Canon MP90


At the heart of the MP-90 is Canon's exclusive MP Cartridge 20, an all-in-one system containing toner, drum, cleaner and charger.  With a wide range of available film Fiche carriers, the universal MP-90 can be configured to handle all standard microforms for quick reading and printing.  Equipped with the versatile Roll/Fiche Carrier 200, the MP-90 even handles multiple formats without changing carriers, for the ultimate in user convenience and simplicity.  The unit accepts both 16 and 35 mm roll films, as well as 16mm cartridges, aperture cards and microfiche jackets.



Canon MS 400/MS500


Canon connects you to the latest technology for microfilm and fiche with the Microfilm Scanner series MS400/500.  Now Microfilm users can have a truly modern, versatile system for retrieving and storing images.  Utilizing advanced digital image processing, images are scanned and can be printed out at high-quality on a laser printer or transferred to PC based systems.  And because it is a modular desktop system, it offers incredible flexibility with configuration options that provide connectivity for today and the future.


MS400 Specifications

MS500 Specifications

Canon RF550D/560D


For years, the world's leading financial institutions have relied on micrographics to obtain a reliable and highly secure method of recording important information on paid bank checks.  Now, after extensive research and development in bank check processing, canon has developed the micrographics technology to satisfy the volume and security requirements of the modern bank -- the Rotary Filmer 560D/550D.  The RF560D/550D is designed for high - performance application, but is remarkably easy to use.  It features Canon's advanced electronics engineering and renowned optical technology, as well as a highly - reliable mechanism is a compact desktop design. 


RF550D Specifications

RF560D Specifications

Canon MS800


Start with a wide-screen microfilm scanner capable of handling everything form checks to blueprints to newspapers, and more.  But make it compact enough to fit on any desktop.  Then raise the bar by pushing output resolution up to 600 dpi.  An design it for high-speed simple operation, great versatility, easy connectivity, and fast throughput.  While you're at it, make it affordable, too.  Now, what do you call this perfect solution to your ever-expanding workgroup needs?



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